Sober Curious Brands To Check Out If You Quit Drinking

There are also a few other online courses you can join, though bear in mind some of them go ‘live’ with a set start date. There are quite a few apps around that can help you track the number of days you’ve given up something, but I’d say the top-rated‘I Am Sober’ is the best. A beautifully written and heartbreaking memoir that’s filled with useful advice – once you read the shocking introduction you’ll be hooked. Written by the founder of Hip Sobriety, this is a funny and clever look at society’s obsession with drink, and how to rebel against it.

sober curious brands to check out if you quit drinking

Available in in both bottles and cans, Mingle Mocktails are a premade cocktail that saves you time without compromising on flavor. The non-alcoholic mojito above is made out of cucumber, melon, mint, and other natural ingredients. While great on its own, Mingle suggests pairing it with rum, vodka, or gin if you want to spike it yourself. Mingle’s other flavor options are Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa, Cranberry Cosmo, and Moscow Mule. The company also offers a variety pack that allows you to sample several of them to find your favorite.

You’ve never hit a real low, and you don’t see yourself as dependent on alcohol. Sober living houses Perhaps you start to realize you don’t really like drinking all that much.

What It Really Means To Be Sober Curious?

Branson, of Seedlip, is glad big beverage is starting to pay attention. Dry January, the annual month of alcohol abstinence, now attracts millions of followers. Loosid, an app aiming to be the “sober Facebook” — i.e., a booze-free dating, events and networking platform — has attracted almost 20,000 members since it started accepting users in late February. Daybreaker, a sober, early-morning rave that raised eyebrows when it launched six years ago, is now in 25 cities around the globe. Whether it is short-term or for the rest of your life, you can start your alcohol-free life with the sober curious movement.

sober curious brands to check out if you quit drinking

But they can encourage critical thinking from the casual drinker, asking us to consider, and maybe even dismantle, the societal expectations and calcified habits that lead us to reach for a sober curious brands to check out if you quit drinking drink whenever the opportunity presents itself. Warrington suggests bringing a “questioning mindset to every drinking situation, rather than go along with the dominant drinking culture”.

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Bottle shops such as Spirited Away on the trendy Lower East Side and Boisson in family-friendly Cobble Hill opened in recent months —offering an ever-growing array of non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits. For those who are looking to redefine their relationship with alcohol or don’t want to drink for a variety of reasons, we’ve rounded up additional resources to explore. Being sober-curious starts with asking yourself why you choose to pick up a drink.

sober curious brands to check out if you quit drinking

There are loads of great books out there offering advice on how to stop drinking. They range from very personal accounts of addiction to motivational guides and psychology-based books, aimed at changing your mindset, so you view drinking differently. Here are a couple of my favourites, with more suggestions listed below. „I want anyone to feel welcome at my bar, regardless of whether or not they are imbibing,“ says bartender Lydia McLuen of KEX Portland.

The Beginners Guide To The Sober

An early-thirties couple chats over a pre-dinner beverage, holding hands in the flattering dim lighting. This is New York City’s first permanent booze-free bar, and no one is drinking alcohol. Drinking narrows our focus on the world, Dr. Stoller said, creating what some psychologists call “alcoholic myopia” — we focus only on the present moment. That’s why it’s crucial to establish a plan for mindful drinking ahead of time, he said. This can include drinking with a friend who’s also practicing mindful drinking, making sure you eat while you’re drinking and asking the bartender to use half the amount of alcohol in a cocktail. These tricks will slow the rate of alcohol entering your system, he said, which can help you be more intentional about the drinks you do choose to consume.

sober curious brands to check out if you quit drinking

I sent out a survey on social media to find out how other people who are limiting their alcohol intake in some way talk about recovery and received 19 responses. Those who felt more comfortable with moderation tended toward nonchalance, suggesting that having an NA option was appreciated but didn’t impact their recovery in any significant way.

Beyond Dry January

A vaccine mandate imposed by President Joe Biden in September covers about 3.5 million federal workers and required them to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22 or face potential discipline or even termination. The rules do not apply to federal workers who are working remotely. Here’s what the Vegas odds say about their chances in this year’s playoffs, starting with Sunday’s rematch against the Steelers. They welcome and embrace anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ in the AA fellowship for meetings, providing that extra little bit of helpful support. They also feature a newsletter and plenty of resources for those who want some additional information online.

Gomez tries not to label herself or her followers as „sober“ in order to create an inclusive space for people to learn how to be sober without stigma. American youths today just aren’t as interested in drinking as their parents were. Gomez is „the optimum amount of class and sophistication,“ said Nat Battaglia, who founded Mindful Mocktail, a recipe website Alcohol detoxification for sophisticated cocktails made without booze. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. “There’s this idea that you’re either a problem drinker or an alcoholic, or a normal drinker who has no issues with alcohol. More and more we’re seeing there are shades of grey when it comes to dependence on alcohol,” says Warrington.

  • Take a zero-proof page from the pros and you’ll never feel left out at happy hour again.
  • Crystal Raypole has previously worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy.
  • I am a big fan of all the alcohol-free drinks that are now coming onto the market.
  • The new sobriety movement frames not drinking alcohol as a positive lifestyle choice that anyone might make.

You can even write down all the reasons you’re not drinking—on a sticky note or in your phone—to remind yourself why you’re doing this when you’re going into those situations. An interesting film based on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. This tells the story of the co-founder Bill W and Drug rehabilitation his relationship with his wife Louis Wilson, who went on to set up family support groups. William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained, also offers an online course for £42. This contains everything in the Alcohol Explained book, and Alcohol Explained 2 – in an interactive/audiobook format.

What Is Considered An Alcoholic?

I consulted a nutritionist about my anxiety and trouble sleeping, and he thought I had adrenal fatigue and recommended I stop drinking coffee and eating sugar. I was the one who started to notice that there was a correlation. My hangovers were getting worse, and there was this existential dread that came with them. Questioning my drinking began as a very internal process, and it wasn’t something I felt I could talk to anybody about, partly because I was worried that it meant I was an alcoholic. But everything I knew about somebody with a drinking problem did not look like my life. I was drinking probably two or three nights a week with dinner and bingeing a bit on the weekends. I also loved watching films and documentaries about people who have stopped drinking alcohol or giving up other painful addictions.

Alcohol-free brand, Stryyk, plans to launch products like Not Vodka and Not Gin stateside next year. Cocktail-alternative brand Kin Euphorics, which uses nootropics , adaptogens , and botanicals, seems tailor-made for the Goop set; the company also hosts “Kin O’Clock” events, or booze-free happy hours. For those who miss mid-aughts-era cocktails, Philadelphia-based entrepreneur Laura Taylor, 48, founded Mingle Mocktails, which offers sparkling bottled riffs on Bellinis, cosmos, mojitos, and Moscow mules.

How Do You Have Fun When Youre Sober?

I couldn’t risk near-beer outing me as an alcoholic again, so I kept drinking instead. Think about whether alcohol will add value to your experience — what difference will drinking make to your time at a party or your night at the bar? Concurrent to the sober curious movement, a cottage industry of booze alternatives, or alcohol-free wine, beer, and liquor that have the sophisticated flavor profiles of whiskey or red wine, have sprung up over the last two years. Many people who quit drinking find themselves with more free time than usual. Dedicating this time to self-care and satisfying hobbies can help you stay motivated to maintain a sober curious lifestyle.