Because the Syr, not, its matchmaking try different

Because the Syr, not, its matchmaking try different

Due to Freya’s first practice of constantly looking at your, Bell put up an odd ability to experience man’s stares. To own his part, Bell never ever surely got to really know their since an effective Goddess owed towards the hardly any interactions that they had, even when he had been baffled by the lady apparent need for him.

From the time their earliest communication, she’s produced lunch to have him just about every big date and you can Bell gratefully allows her or him. Just after Bell beat a great Silverback, she admitted so you can your you to definitely she fell so in love with your after witnessing eg accomplishment, though Bell believed she was just flirting your.

A short while later, it proceeded to possess a great relatives. She went on to support him plus inspired your immediately following he gained Orario’s resentment inside the Xenos incident. Despite knowing this lady always toying having your, Bell nonetheless retains her since the a precious pal and you will concerned having their. Whether or not she took advantage and you can put him to help relieve certain away from their functions Bell didn’t care, taking which he experienced indebted along with her.

Regarding the Deity Event, even in the event pressed of the Freya Familia to just accept the woman invite in order to a date, he plus accepted it due to the fact he wished to build her pleased as a way to pay-off the woman constant assistance. However, his love for the woman was not a whole lot more than simply regarding an effective precious buddy, fundamentally rejecting the lady whenever she confessed to him.

Mord Latro [ ]

Bell basic met Mord if the drunken adventurer offered him so you’re able to register their cluster in exchange for sharing Lili, Syr, and you can Ryuu that have him. Later, regarding irritation and you may frustration, Mord kidnapped Hestia and you can pressed Bell to the an excellent duel, in which he started initially to pummelled the new boy. Despite this, Bell cannot keep a beneficial grudge up against Mord. From inside the Black colored Goliath’s looks into eighteenth floor, Bell rescued your out-of a beast.

Which have Mord putting on a sense of esteem getting Bell and you will publicly support him, the 2 now frequently hold a casual family members. Sometime following the Combat Video game, Bell recognized Mord’s invite so you can a casino and you can resorted so you can your to have make it possible to help Syr and Ryuu. Just after Freya charmed the whole town, Bell is delighted when he discovered Mord and you can are taken aback by their abrupt fear of your.

Aisha Belka [ ]

Bell first encountered Aisha from the Recreation Section once getting destroyed wanting Mikoto. He located the girl really attractive, but was unnerved whenever she showed need for your. Once mastering which he had been, Aisha’s focus became more powerful. She is one of several prostitutes to chase after him on the region.

Shortly after Bell found Haruhime and you may been aware of Ishtar’s patch in order to give up the lady, Aisha intervened. Whenever expected when the he’d just be sure to rescue Haruhime russian brides recenzja, Bell is actually unable to answer, dreading retaliation from the Ishtar Familia, and you may is actually seriously inspired when she mocked your to own their indecision.

Immediately following Bell and you may Mikoto solved to save Haruhime and you may lost the brand new Eliminating Brick very important to this new lose, he once more encountered Aisha. The guy said his handle to save this lady, far so you can Aisha’s recognition. Bell help Haruhime’s top increase magic wear out before their duel, effective that have a time-blank Firebolt.

Afterward, Bell guaranteed Aisha he carry out manage Haruhime as well as the several currently have a casual relationships. Bell retains faith inside her stamina and you may experience with the latest cell, having zero arguments whenever she’s moved that have your. not, the guy nevertheless gets flustered up to this lady on account of this lady raw sex focus, particularly of course, if she conveys the lady need to bed that have your.

Miach [ ]

Bell knows Miach as both of them had been out-of dirt-worst familias, consequently they are amicable together. Miach perform often bring your potions free of charge, and Bell usually visits get potions regarding his shop. Even after Miach’s enthusiast was stuck deceiving him out-of money, Bell kept no ill will on the him. Whenever Bell expected him from the relationship between mortals and you will Gods, Miach answered which he shouldn’t be scared of a beneficial God’s love, hence assisted Bell area one thing with Hestia.