Shepard and you can group talks to the fresh new employees at lobby table, and immediately after asking on the Dr

Shepard and you can group talks to the fresh new employees at lobby table, and immediately after asking on the Dr

On the way to the newest asteroid exploration studio Mahavid, Shepard, Cortez as well as the squad talk about the details of the brand new purpose and the evidence it discover when you’re lookin the brand new lab, and pick a small Reaper scouting class around the mining advanced, signaling that if brand new Reapers were there chances are they were toward the right walk. Just after removing the brand new scouting cluster, the brand new group joined this new lobby room which have T-GES Mineral Works group loitering, oblivious into the Reaper cluster that Normandy class simply removed out. Garneau, find out the elevator is inoperable. Just after using an upkeep drone to fix brand new lift, the latest group movements up to the second floor and you will discovers an undelivered content from the Dr. Garneau to Dr. Bryson – that contains a working code for further approval. Since the a security terminal shown footage out of Dr. Garneau’s coming toward business before, they mentions the in-patient matter for being able to access the bay.

Once to the, the fresh new crew suits Dr. Garneau. Immediately following a conversation as it happens this individual will be managed by the Leviathan plus it helps to make the thrall run away. Shepard gives pursue however, pursuing the next doorway try sealed regarding, the fresh team finds out the only way away by way of an access hierarchy heading exterior. This new Reapers, trying to find Leviathan, delivered their unique pushes to eliminate Shepard. Marauders, Ravagers and you may traditional Husks assault, including a couple of Banshees. Because the fix is complete new group proceeds after that in to the on the new mine, in which they find Dr. Garneau with his straight back on the artifact and you will enclosed by Husks. In place of giving Shepard an obvious attempt during the Husks, Garneau detonates the fresh new artifact, eliminating him with the rest of your Husks.

Garneau’s muscles. As it happens the person they were chasing after is actually an enthusiastic imposter after all. The latest corpse consisted of encoded analysis and you will 8 overlooked phone calls from Ann Bryson, Shepard’s second hook on research ourtime. Some of the facility’s personnel, seem to by themselves again, strategy. Not merely do they have no recollection out of whom Dr. Garneau try, they actually have no recall away from something except that getting someplace ebony and you will cold. Whenever Shepard inquiries them on Reapers fighting the base, they will not apparently know what a „Reaper“ is actually. Fundamentally, Shepard requires him or her what seasons it’s. An asari miner answers 2176 – apparently the fresh new Leviathan features held new facility’s staff because the thralls having 10 years. Whenever Shepard shows this, new facility’s professionals arrive surprised and significantly puzzled.

Once out of Shepard’s coming, Reaper pushes have previously going assaulting Namakli trying to find the brand new Leviathans‘ path. Ann Bryson is rescued, even if Marauders have previously begun opening a separate Leviathan artifact discovered on earth. The brand new Leviathans again attempt to deter Shepard on the research by enthralling Bryson, inducing the Commander so you can ruin brand new artifact.

When they are handled, the team tries to availability the entranceway, but electricity happens offline and now they want to escort an excellent vulnerable repair drone to fix two energy gadgets

Remaining having few other options, Shepard and you can team use making use of the artifact inside Dr. Bryson’s lab, that have Ann serving as bait, to try to trace Leviathan telecommunications signals. The fresh new artifact’s protecting was temporarily disappointed, top Ann becoming temporarily mesmerized if you find yourself EDI lines the brand new rule. The fresh operation is prosperous and you will Shepard at some point finds the source away from Leviathan signals: 2181 Despoina.

Examining the city one of the squadmates finds out the genuine Dr

Around, Shepard dives on the Leviathans‘ lair deep beneath the earth’s sea and you may matches a beneficial Leviathan, and therefore spends their energies so you’re able to pitfall Shepard in their mind. Projecting alone while the Derek Hadley, men posing given that Alex Garneau, and you can Ann Bryson, Leviathan explains its race’s background and you can link with the new Reapers. First, Leviathan refuses to let Shepard, justifying it doubt to your fact not one has actually beaten the brand new Reapers before; they propose to allow the period to continue because the planned, remaining the brand new Chief because their servant due to the fact Reapers secure the galaxy while they constantly done, however, Shepard highlights that Reapers today learn of the life and that the Leviathans cannot afford to will always be from inside the separation.