It’s used in people with shorter bust and you can flexible epidermis

It’s used in people with shorter bust and you can flexible epidermis


Brand new semicircular method (Fig. 3 ) is basically a comparable procedure due to the fact you to revealed by the Webster into the 1946 eight for gynecomastia. Enough glandular muscle might be remaining for the situ beneath the NAC to end an anxiety. The benefit of this method ’s the smaller than average better-undetectable mark that’s confined in order to (the lower 1 / 2 of) brand new nipple-areola advanced. The major downside is the short window by which to work, and work out excision regarding nipple structure and you will hemostasis more complicated.

Inside the cases of quicker boobs with higher prominent erect nipples, the newest transareolar techniques (Fig. 4 ) is employed. This really is just as the process explained by Pitanguy inside 1966 8 and you may allows for subtotal resection and you can quick reduced amount of this new nipple. The fresh ensuing scar traverses this new areola horizontally and you may passes around the top aspect of the nipple.

The fresh new concentric round techniques (Fig. 5 ) is like one to revealed by Davidson in 1979. nine It’s employed for breasts that have a media-measurements of skin package (B cup), or perhaps in possible of less bust having bad epidermis flexibility. New ensuing scar would be confined for the circumference of your own areola. The concentric cut will likely be pulled while the a circle or ellipse, providing deepithelialization off a calculated level of epidermis regarding the vertical otherwise horizontal assistance. cuatro , 5 Availableness try attained through an incision on the second-rate factor of outside community leaving an extensive pedicle on NAC. A handbag-string suture is put and put with the wanted areolar diameter (always twenty five–30 mm). The benefit of this process is that it permits getting prevention and/otherwise repositioning of your areola, in which necessary, and for the removal of too-much soulsingles hesap silme skin.

The fresh new stretched concentric round method (Fig. 6 ) is similar to the newest concentric round approach, however, has a couple more triangular excisions from surface and you can subcutaneous muscle lateral and you may/ or medial. This method will work for correcting skin excess and you can wrinkling introduced by highest differences between the interior and you will exterior circles. The fresh resulting scars could be within the areola, which have lateral extensions onto the breast facial skin, with respect to the standard of excess body.

The totally free nipple graft technique (Fig. eight ) has been proposed by several writers getting people having higher and you may ptotic boobs. dos , 3 , ten , eleven , several They include picking new NAC as the a full-density skin graft; amputating this new breast; and grafting brand new NAC onto the the place to your tits wall structure. Our preference would be to put the incision horizontally one to two cm above the inframammary bend, and to maneuver upwards sideways below the horizontal border off brand new pectoralis significant muscle mass. The brand new keeping of the fresh new NAC constantly represents the fresh new fourth otherwise 5th intercostal space. Systematic wisdom was most critical, yet not, so we usually sit the average person up intraoperatively to test finally breast standing. The advantages of the newest totally free nipple graft method try easy bust contouring, advanced level visibility and much more rapid resection off tissues, along with breast avoidance, areola resizing, and you may repositioning. The disadvantages are definitely the much time residual markings, NAC pigmentary and nerve alter, in addition to probability of unfinished graft just take.


Postoperative difficulties become hematoma (common, despite empties and compressing bandages), (partial) nipple necrosis, and you may abscess creation. That it underscores the importance of reaching a hemostasis intraoperatively. Faster hematomas and seromas can be exhausted due to puncture, but for larger choices medical evacuation is needed.

Various other maybe not rare risk include skin slough of the NAC, and is left so you can repair of the conservative means. Brand new outstanding instances of limited otherwise total nipple necrosis might need a secondary nipple repair. Inside the newest clients instead of difficulties,